Best practices for growth, retention, and employer branding

  • Survey of 220+ hiring managers
  • Growth & layoffs
  • Remote vs. in-office
  • International hiring
  • Diversity goals
  • Most popular tools

It’s been a tumultuous few years for labor markets across industries, particularly technology. To better understand how organizations are operating and preparing for the future, we surveyed 220+ HR teams and hiring managers. Download the report and explore best practices for growth, retention, and employer branding.

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The End of Musical Chairs | The vast majority of respondents’ companies intend to keep their current work arrangements, with 42% planning to stay fully or mostly remote, 26% planning to stay about 50/50 hybrid, and 12% planning to stay fully or mostly in-office. 
The Great Reversion | While tech layoffs get a lot of media attention, our survey responses highlighted two interesting points: (i) layoffs were as common amongst tech (18%) and non-tech companies (18%), and (ii) a small minority of tech companies (6%) actually net downsized by 20%+ in the past 12 months. 
Self-Fulfilling Diversity | About half of respondents’ companies set goals for workforce diversity. Of the ones that set goals, 57% reporting having met or
exceeded their goals, 33% reported
almost meeting goals, and just 10%
didn’t come close.
Crossing the Chasm | While 75% of respondents reported using tools for Learning & Development, only 23% report using tools to administer wellness or lifestyle benefits and 34% use tools to track employee engagement. 

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Daniel Borowski,  Founder & CEO

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