Report | Q2 2020

Covid-19 Software Developer Report

Perceptions of remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic



In April 2020, we surveyed 150+ software developers to get their perceptions on the state of the tech industry amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We combined their responses with exclusive data from our developer and recruiter platforms to identify best practices for individuals and companies to navigate these uncertain times.


See the results from our survey to...

  • Optimize working from home
  • Reinvent hiring and onboarding processes
  • Get access to additional resources

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Explore direct quotes from developers about what their companies are doing right and wrong



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Understand the current hiring market and how your company can survive and thrive

About the Author

daniel borowski

Daniel Borowski,  Founder & CEO

Daniel Borowski is the Founder & CEO of Coderbyte. He has worked as a software engineer at leading tech companies including Meetup, BuzzFeed, Alpha, and MongoDB. Daniel has interviewed and been interviewed at countless companies, big and small.