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Top code assessment platforms for screening, interviews, and projects

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The rise of flexible work

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many employers and workers to remote work for the first time, and there may be no going back for many. As of mid-2022, more than half of job holders in the United States said they could work remotely at least part of the time. This has tremendous implications for hiring. Whereas geography used to be a natural constraint, now any employer can interview and hire talent anywhere. While there are numerous advantages to this new reality, it also strains recruiting teams that suddenly have to evaluate a magnitude more candidates.

Today, there are countless platforms for employers to conduct remote assessments, interviews, and take-home projects. Some platforms offer an end-to-end experience for all of them and more.

As you read through our analysis and reviews, be careful not to limit your organization to how you do things today. Reflect on how your own processes can and should evolve in this new economic reality and with the right tooling. It might be that you can optimize certain steps significantly more than you have in the past.

Learn more about:

Coderbyte | For tech-forward organizations that value the candidate experience and prefer a self-service user experience.
Codility | For traditional organizations with less modern technology stacks that need to assess candidates on basic problem solving, algorithms, and coding challenges.
HackerRank | For banks and multinational organizations that require and can afford compliance, heavy-duty security, and extensive onboarding. | For startups with infrequent hiring and limited budgets, that require pay-as-you-go plans without the bells and whistles.

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daniel borowski

Daniel Borowski,  Founder & CEO

Daniel Borowski is the Founder & CEO of Coderbyte. He has worked as a software engineer at leading tech companies including Meetup, BuzzFeed, Alpha, and MongoDB. Daniel has interviewed and been interviewed at countless companies, big and small.