2019 Buyer's Guide

The Guide to Technical  Screening Platforms


For assessing and hiring qualified engineers, four companies dominate the market for robust yet simple and cost-effective solution.

See how each screening platform compares along the following criteria...
  • Library of challenges and role templates
  • Scoring, plagiarism, and reporting
  • Branding, customization, and experience
  • Pricing, plans, and tiers

Learn more about:

Coderbyte | For tech-forward organizations that value the candidate experience and prefer a self-service user experience.
Codility | For traditional organizations with less modern technology stacks that need to assess candidates on basic problem solving, algorithms, and coding challenges.
HackerRank | For banks and multinational organizations that require and can afford compliance, heavy-duty security, and extensive onboarding.
RemoteInterviews.io | For startups with infrequent hiring and limited budgets, that require pay-as-you-go plans without the bells and whistles.

About the Authors

daniel borowski

Daniel Borowski,  Founder & CEO

Daniel Borowski is the Founder & CEO of Coderbyte. He has worked as a software engineer at leading tech companies including Meetup, BuzzFeed, Alpha, and MongoDB. Daniel has interviewed and been interviewed at countless companies, big and small.