How a tech startup instantly finds the best engineering candidates from a pile of résumés

Code assessments shouldn’t be a tradeoff between budget or bias

“We have a great employer brand — at any given time, we could have hundreds of candidates that merit screening,” said Yair Aviner, Alpha’s engineering manager. “But so many code screening platforms focus on massive corporations, not companies like ours, and charge ridiculous rates per candidate screened.”

Saving $1,500 per hire and $17,000 on software

Fortunately, Alpha discovered Coderbyte on G2 which met their needs and budget. Without any technical support, their recruiter was able to configure full-stack challenges and quickly identify top candidates from a trove of applications. Not only that, but Coderbyte also includes real-time interviews and take-home projects, and all plans include unlimited candidates, assessments, and admins.

Finding top candidates that would have otherwise been overlooked

One of the unintended consequences of technical assessment platforms that charge per candidate is that recruiters are forced to haphazardly screen and prioritize candidates. Often this comes down to bias or merely recognizing familiar brands on a résumé.

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