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How a tech startup instantly finds the best engineering candidates from a pile of résumés

Improve your candidate experience to eliminate ghosting and hire software engineers faster

Technical recruiters have an incredibly difficult job today. Their employers are growing rapidly and eagerly seeking technical candidates to fuel ambitious product development schedules. But so are many other companies across industries, so labor markets are tight, sourcing channels have dried up, and software developer salaries are skyrocketing. Forward-thinking talent acquisition teams are changing their tactics to gain an advantage in the war for talent.

The best technical assessment & code screening platforms of 2020

In 2019, we surveyed 200+ stakeholders in technical recruiting and gathered feedback on tools and popular methodologies for how to efficiently screen and recruit engineering candidates. We published our results in this report and created a list of the top technical assessment platforms alongside it.

The secret to establishing your employer brand and hiring software developers

In Japan, Nulab has achieved meteoric success as a workflow and communication platform used by companies like Adobe and Softbank. Their three products elegantly and seamlessly combine functionality that many American firms currently splintering workflows across Slack, Atlassian, and Lucidchart would be amazed by. That’s why Nulab is so excited about their entrance into the American market, and why they’re taking a smarter approach to tech hiring.

3 reasons for why its time to level up technical recruiting

At Coderbyte, we’re thrilled to introduce our first annual report on The State of Technical Recruiting. Our objective with this initial foray is to continue leveling up the very difficult task of hiring great programmers in 2019.

Here’s what it takes to become an elite tech recruiter

Effectively recruiting programmers with Coderbyte

Both software engineers and tech recruiters know about the infamous algorithm interview questions asked during the interview process at companies. Recruiters, managers, and even senior software engineers tend to ask these types of questions because: